You can now run your Metanode on the BTC to BSC bridge and earn over 52% APR in rewards!

This week we the team has published a long-awaited update to the Telegram Metanode deployment bot, which allows Swingby holders to easily deploy their Metanode to the BTC-BSC bridge.

The Telegram bot makes setting up a Metanode extremely easy and handles the full process from installing the necessary dependancies to syncing all of the various chains.

Step 1: Purchase your hosted server from a reliable provider.

Head to your favorite cloud infrastructure provider and begin renting a server instance that matches the above hardware requirements. We recommend AWS, Digital Ocean, Scaleway, or Hertzner.

Make sure to bind a static IP address (otherwise known as a floating IP or elastic IP) to your server instance to prevent your IP address changing in the future. Take a note of both your static IP address and your SSH key as this will be used by the deployment bot in the following step.

Step 2: Download and run our Telegram deployment bot.

To set up your Metanode deployment bot, speak with Telegrams @BotFather to obtain a “BOT_TOKEN”. Provided that you have both Git and Docker installed you can run the following commands:

Message your bot “/start” to begin the node deployment process. Once all of the required dependencies have been deployed to your server instance, the Metanode deployment bot will also be copied over. If you would like to deploy your node on the Bitcoin to Binance Smart Chain bridge, make sure to select that option when prompted by the bot.

Full Telegram bot tutorial

Step 3: Bond your Swingby tokens to your Metanode.

Using our timelock tool, submit a transaction that locks your Swingby tokens for more than 1 month. Specify your node’s peer-to-peer key along with your Ethereum address in the transaction’s memo with the format “p2pKey,ethAddress”.

You can obtain your p2pKey from your Metanodes startup logs or your deployment bot. The Ethereum address is the address that will receive operator rewards.

Here is an example transaction.

Step 4: Sit back and watch the rewards roll in.

Once the Bitcoin node, Ethereum node and both Blockbook indexers have finished syncing, your node will be accepted into the network and will begin receiving rewards. Job done!

Make sure to join our Metanode operator discord channel so we can stay in touch.

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