Treasury Report, October 23rd

Swingby’s spending and runway

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Community Reserve (15/10/2020)

Below is a list of addresses that make up the community reserve pool. Balances listed as ‘Unavailable’ are either time-locked, frozen or unusable since they are set to be released at predetermined dates as described in the official tokenomics schedule that was released to the public prior to launch.

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The current ‘Amount Available’ may seem low, but this is because of 2 different reasons: Firstly, only 8,000,000 tokens were initially unlocked and secondly, the majority of that 8,000,000 has been reserved for providing liquidity for the community. If we were to include the amount of tokens reserved for liquidity, then the ‘Amount Available’ would be closer to 4.5M.

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As you can you see in the token emissions schedule the community reserve will receive another unlock towards the end of this month.

Spending (since TGE ~ 15/10/2020)

Ignoring the fiat/stablecoin transactions from the foundation, which will be covered in a separate article, the spending is outlined as follows:

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Since the private round, Swingby has received strategic investments from multiple partners adding up to over $300k. However, these investment were settled with an agreed upon vesting schedule, meaning that the tokens are incrementally unlocked. As you can see in the above chart, 574,442 tokens were distributed in early August.

Project Runway

The Project runway has sufficient funding in order to operate for well over 18 months with its current budgeting.

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However, with the up and coming test launches, new listings, rebranding and partnership announcements we suspect that the increase in interest in Swingby could support a longer runway.

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