Swingby Token Swap Final Mini Competition — $1,500 giveaway!

The final two weeks — Bonus BTC giveaway competition!

We have been blown away by the level of community engagement on the Swingby Skybridge Token Swap Volume Competition over the last 4 weeks.

To date we have seen almost 1.3 Million BTC successfully swapped over the network, with a USD value of over $7.6 Billion USD — even with the decline in BTC price we saw in the previous month.

The first 4 weeks of the volume competition

The last 4 weeks have allowed us to detect numerous minor bugs, and make operational adjustments to the function of the Skybridge, which has greatly increased the efficiency and the security of the protocol, for which we again extend our deepest thanks to all participants.

Final Two Weeks Bonus Mini Competition

With two weeks left to go, we want to add some additional bonus into the prize fund to reward participants and encourage more BTC flow over the network.

We are throwing away the prize cap we originally set and adding much more BTC to the prize pool.

The final two weeks will see two separate mini competitions running from: Competition 1: 02:00 UTC 30/03/2020– 02:00 UTC 06/04/2020
Competition 2: 02:00 UTC 06/04/2020– 02:00 UTC 13/04/2020

Both competitions will follow the same rules, with the scores resetting at the end of each period (any volume in week 1 does not count in week 2).


  1. Whoever swaps the highest volume of BTC on the Bitcoin testnet into the Skybridge in the competition period will win 0.1BTC
  2. Whoever is the first wallet address to send 10,000 BTC on the Bitcoin testnet into the Skybridge in the competition period will win 0.01BTC
  3. Whoever sends the largest volume of BTC in a single swap into the Skybridge in the competition period will win 0.01BTC

Please note, any BTC.B on the Binance Chain sent into the Skybridge will not be counted in this mini competition, but will still count in the overall swap volume competition.

The total prize fund over both weeks is 0.26 BTC worth over $1,500 USD!

Happy Swapping!

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TestNet Explorer: bridge-testnet.swingby.network/explorer
Staking Program: https://swingby.network/earn

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Twitter: https://swingby.network/twitter
Reddit: https://swingby.network/reddit
Discord: https://swingby.network/discord
Github: https://swingby.network/github



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