Swingby on the verge of exploding

Q1 Skybridge Analytics — As we are launching the second bridge (BTC->BSC), new records are being hit every week.

Previous performance reports January & February.

We plan to keep these reports shorter and with comparative results so that people can easily compare and see how fast the project grows.

Current TVL (total volume locked): $36.284.446 (Source)

The evolution of the avg daily volume:

  • January — $40.060 (Peak: $174.000)
  • February $94.785 (Peak: $362.573)
  • March — $206.126 (Peak: $643.009)

We went 5x in volume from January to March, and we expect the volume to increase exponentially in the weeks and months to come since we have 2 huge announcements that will directly affect the volume from the bridges in a positive fashion.

Avg $wingby bonded to Metanodes:

  • January — $5.000.000
  • February — $25.170.790
  • March — $34.340.254

We were happy to see most of our node operators bonding their rewards back to the nodes. This is a sign that our efforts are being seen and appreciated by the people who invested significant amounts of money in Swingby.

The evolution of the total number of nodes that are supporting the network:

  • Jan 4–35 nodes
  • Feb 14–42 nodes
  • March 31–50 nodes

As the price of the token plateaued at around $0.50-$0.60 in March, more and more users bought the necessary tokens to become a validator for the BTC->WBTC bridge. As the minimum amount of tokens that you need to run a node decreased to 50.000 when the BTC->BSC was launched, we expect to see a crazy April.

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