Ready for the BTC to BSC bridge? Swingby just made running a Metanode even better.

At the end of this month (March 2021), we will launch our 2nd bridge— Bitcoin to Binance Smart Chain!!! As we make groundbreaking progress on our bridge launches, we also want to make sure that our existing tools are kept up to date and nice to use for our Swingby superhero community.

So we’ve created you a brand new Metanode explorer page:

This improvement to the existing explorer will make it even easier to run your own Swingby Metanode on either the BTC to Ethereum bridge or the BTC to BSC bridge and earn over 52% APR.

The entire network, at a glance

Each bridge is a complex beast and many data metrics that need to be considered to determine if the bridge is healthy or not.

So, we’ve created a brand new tracking API that is used to construct visually appealing graphs that will help you to quickly comprehend the overall health of the bridge.

We think that this will massively help our users to understand how the bridge works and track its performance.

Monitor the state of your Metanode

When your node joins the p2p network, it can be quite hard to determine what state the node is in — is it churned in and earning rewards? is it even online?

Our new enriched Meatnodes list not only displays basic info on your node, but also attempts to work out potential issues such as bond expiring, bond too low, or if it has been taken offline. This list will also help to create a more stable network since it will highlight potential issues arising.

Thanks for reading! Make sure to keep your eyes on our twitter account for the launch of the Bitcoin to Binance Smart Chain bridge. Its going to be huge.

Want to trade Swingby? Check us out on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap.

Get Rewards! Stake your Swingby Token to earn up to 30% annualized (34.8% compounded) in rewards, airdropped to your wallet weekly. Use the Staking Portal or BitMax.

TestNet Explorer:
Staking Program:




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