Introducing Swingby Improvement Proposals (SWIPS)

A SWIP, “Swingby Improvement Proposal”, is similar to Ethereum’s “EIP” and Bitcoin’s “BIP”. It’s simply a standard for submitting changes to Swingby protocols and can cover all technical areas such as governance, economics, critical changes or even general performance improvements.

Swingby is driven by feedback from its underlying community. The company that funds development (Swingby Labs Pte. Ltd.) has created a blueprint that it believes represents the optimal critical path to achieving the project’s goals of implementing the fastest and widest-supported cross-chain bridges for DeFi, but it’s important that the project leverages external input to make this happen.

Which SWIPs are already available?

The repository already contains specifications for the first iteration of our live test-net, “Skybridge v1”, and is being expanded to cover the second iteration of Skybridge and later product releases including “Sky Pools”.

How do I create a SWIP?

Want to be a Swingby superhero and contribute to our cause? Well, we’ve made the process of submitting a SWIP as easy and as collaborative as possible. Simply open a pull-request to the SWIPs repository with your new proposal ideas. Before being merged into master, the pull-request will be used as a common space for the community to discuss the proposal and any potential issues.

New proposals can travel through various states before finally being completed:

  • Pending — The proposal is form of a pull-request and open for discussion/community voting.
  • Rejected — The proposal has been rejected.
  • Approved — The proposal has been accepted and is awaiting development integration.
  • Merged— The proposal has been merged to master and is ready to be developed. It has now become a specification.
  • Deployed — The implemented specification is live on an active network.

See here for an example template for your SWIP.

What is in the pipeline?

An updated copy of our project road map has been added to the SWIPs repository. This document contains an overview of the project’s overall development plan, including estimates of timeframes for the implementation of each part.

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