Dev update June 10th: Audits, Uniswap, Taproot and more!

What is Swingby?

So what have the devs been up to?

1. Red4sec audited our Skybridge smart contracts

This is huge news for Swingby! Ever since the initial launch of the Skybridge in December 2020, we have been hunting for a reputable firm to officially audit our smart contracts. This proved extremely difficult due to the massive influx of new projects entering the crypto space.

2. Swingby BEP20 to ERC20 bridge

Earlier in May, we launched a Swingby ERC20 bridge that allows you to convert your Swingby BEP20 to ERC20 or vice versa.

3. Swingby listed on Sushi and Uniswap

Following on from the previous (ERC20 bridge), we further increase the presence of the Swingby token in the world of decentralized finance by listing the Swingby token on the most popular Ethereum AMM’s, Uniswap and Sushiswap.

4. Taproot support, making swaps even cheaper!

In April Skybridge became the first and only Bitcoin bridge to support Segwit. After the update was pushed, all Bitcoin swaps suddenly became a whopping 47% cheaper, making Skybridge the most affordable way to convert your Bitcoins to WBTC and vice versa.

Thanks for reading!

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